FATSIL Community Protocols Guide

This protocols guide is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and their consultants.  Consultants are individuals and organisations working with communities to jointly produce language materials, eg linguists, schools and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) specialists. The FATSIL guide covers protocols for producing language materials at a local level, rather than through one of the major publishing houses. People who may find the protocols guide useful include:

• Community-based linguists and linguists based in academic institutions working on language revitalisation with Indigenous communities

• Schools working with the local Indigenous community to develop a language program

• People with qualifications and/or experience in ICT working with Indigenous language communities to develop language materials, eg multimedia CD ROMs, websites

• Members of Indigenous communities who want to know more about the factors that influence some of the decisions made by, and practices of, consultants to their language projects.

The aim of this protocols guide is to encourage positive working relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and their consultants. Any language materials produced should recognise the cultural and intellectual property rights of the language community. The FATSIL protocols guide accompanies, and should be read in conjunction with, the model agreement prepared by the Arts Law Centre of Australia.