Kids Learning Indigenous Language


This team are adding their words skills to the test. They’re documenting their voices in Wiradjuri, a dialect they are learning and they have only just started school.

Young Girl 1: I like to do the classes learning Wiradjuri with most of my friends and the game titles that people do.

Woman #2: It’s awesome to have the ability to speak another dialect.

These recordings will all be part of an exciting exhibition by designer, Jonathan. He selected kids from the cities and parks to take part because many of the kids here increase their scope of learning and speaking Wiradjuri within their regular lessons.

Jonathan: It just so happens the Wiradjuri phrase for “remember” is one of the hardest words.

Once the exhibition is completed, it will live on in Sydney, and it’s largely in regards to a building that no more exists. See, back 1882, flame demolished a building called YOUR GARDEN Palace. It held Aboriginal artefacts that date way back again to first connection with Europeans. However they were all lost in the flame.

Jonathan wished a genuine way to enjoy and understand that lost background. So, he made this. It offers 15,000 white shields organised over 20,000 square metres. And inside, phrases and tones are enjoyed from eight Aboriginal dialects. Phrases this business lent their voices to in Wiradjuri.

Now, they’re going all the way in Sydney so they can see and listen to their awesome work.

Girls : You will most probably notice that someone will yell out and say hey that’s me, it’ll of times be both folks.

Boy : I believe it really was exciting, few people reach do this, from the once in an eternity experience

After travelling, and addressing experience it, this business are impressed.

Boy : It had been amazing seeing what you had helped produce, with all the current words that people said recorded, finding how diversely it sounded whenever we were within and exactly how it seems now.

They state they’ve now learned how important it is to keep in mind days gone by and make sure it lives on in new ways.

Girl #3: Be very pleased because I made a notable difference on the globe.

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